Culinary master class
All you wanted to know about the Tatar national baking, history and ancient recipes, self-cook and learn recipes from the best chefs of the city, all this and of course tasting, self-cooked baking within the culinary master class.

What's cooking: echpochmak, peremechi, kystybyi, gubadiya, chak-chak, kosh-tele, talkysh-kaleve.
The history of the Tatar costume
Distinctive traditional Tatar costume is a work of folk art. It contains people's ideas about harmony and aesthetics. The concept of costume is considered collective, as each national subgroup had its own peculiarities of tailoring and decoration. The main garments are: wide trousers, shirt-dress, dressing gown, headdresses, and different kinds of shoes. Tatar national costume cannot do without traditional ornament and jewelry.
On-site dresser
Unique on-site dressing service! Historical costumes of the Kazan Khanate for your event. Each guest will be able to feel like a resident of medieval Kazan! 20 costumes accompanied by 2 costumers will create an unforgettable experience of any event.
Folk show
We offer you to enjoy a bright, colorful and spectacular show from the leading artists of the Republic of Tatarstan. Incendiary songs and dances, folk motifs and, of course, the game, on almost lost musical instruments, such as the weed, kubyz, saz, domra, zurna, kilkobyz, bagpipes, gosl-kusl and others, will forever leave wonderful memories of the trip.
Quest in the Kremlin
To make the first acquaintance with the history of Kazan or to get acquainted with the city again!

The quest route will pass on the main sights of the Kremlin. On what and in what order- to be solved by reading the vague notes of the missing scientist. Near each location leading tells story. The history contains the keys necessary to solve the next paragraph of the route. So, step by step, we are moving not only in space but also in time, simultaneously understanding the main legends and traditions related to the origin of the city of Kazan.
Air adventure
We suggest you to make an unforgettable excursion on a four-seat plane Cessna 172. At the altitude of a bird's flight you will enjoy excellent views of the island–town Sviyazhsk, Makariev monastery and the city of Kazan, and a professional guide will tell the story in your native language. We guarantee that you will get a lot of pleasure, pure delight and unforgettable impressions!
  • Island-town Sviyazhsk (30 minutes)
  • Flight over Kazan (45 minutes)
  • Flight over Kazan, Sviyazhsk and the territory of the airfield (60 minutes).
Yacht adventure
Stroll sailing yacht Zet on the Volga river is an unforgettab - le adventure for the guests of our city. Endless river expanses, the rustle of the waves, the gentle sun, uninhabited Islands and sandy beaches will leave a lasting impression of visiting our city and allow you to make beautiful photos for memory.
  • The duration of the walk is from 2 to 6 hours.
  • Maximum number of guests: 4.
  • There is a buffet on board snacks, sandwiches, seasonal fruits and berries, water/juice and champagne for guests.