For outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy the picturesque landscapes, the huge starry sky away from civilization, for lovers of fishing and hunting – eco-tourism in the country is a great opportunity to learn about the unusual sights of the region, visit the amazing beauty of waterfalls and mountain streams, walk a steep rocky ledge or just spend a few days in the fresh air. Extreme transitions are followed by unhurried walks, so eco-tours will suit many categories of people who do not need special physical training.
A sufficient number of hunting grounds on the territory of the Republic create all conditions for a successful, interesting hunting and production of a worthy trophy. Various regions are famous for their rich fauna: wild boars, elks, foxes, hares, black grouse and waterfowl. The range of services of our company includes assistance in organizing hunting, the availability of the necessary equipment and inventory, and during the hunt guests are accompanied by exceptionally experienced huntsman.
A great opportunity to spend a few days in nature, enjoy the beauty of natural landscapes and "break free" from civilization. Majority popular routes run along the rivers Sviyaga and Bolshoy Cheremshan. Sviyaga-one of the large tributaries of the Volga, originates in the Ulyanovsk region, flows parallel to the Volga, but in the other direction. Also popular are rafting on smaller rivers and lake systems.
One of the most popular types of ecotourism around the world. The Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most interesting places in Russia, where fishing is always successful and incredibly exciting, and the Volga and Kama rivers are famous for fish of different breeds. Employees of our company will choose the best place for fishing and offer the most convenient variants for fishing tours.
An exciting sport available for both professionals and beginners. Our company offers several options of regattas, as prefabricated programs, within which guests will have the opportunity to participate in the annual regatta, held on the Volga river, and the organization of individual regattas for groups of tourists and corporate clients.
Sviyaga Hills Golf club
The Golf course of the world level for 18 holes. Annual holding of international, Federal and local tournaments. The design of the course is developed by the Swiss company "Harradine Golf AG, creating the best Golf courses in the world since 1929. Architect golf field was Peter Harradine. Fans and professionals of the Golf course "Sviyaga Hills" will be interested in a unique relief, where the natural height difference is up to 50 meters. Wind rose provides here gusty wind throughout the season. Contemporary technology in perfect harmony with the natural features of the complex in the end provide a very long Golf season: up to 6 months a year from may to October.
Sviyaga Hills Ski club
In the winter season, the resort town "Sviyaga Hills" is a ski holiday of the European level:
  • 3500 meters of prepared ski slopes.
  • The elevation is 165 m.
  • 4 tracks of different difficulty levels: from green for beginners to red tracks for advanced skaters.
  • All tracks are equipped with comfortable chair lifts of the Austrian company Doppelmayr.
  • The Northern orientation of the track ensures a long ski season.
The Yurievskaya cave
The Yurievskaya cave is the only one in Tatarstan that is accessible for tourists. The entrance to the cave is located in the lower part of the hanging ravine, the mouth of which breaks off in the steep rightslope of the valley of the Volga river,reaching a height of 30 m. The entrance is located at an altitude of 40 m above the modern level of the Kuibyshev reservoir and 120 m from the shore. - The vault of the grotto and the ceiling of the corridor are formed in yellowish-gray tiled Dolomites, fragments and blocks of which cover the bottom of this part of the cave, the walls are developed in gypsum. In the vicinity of the cave on the steep Bank of the Volga are inactive gypsum workings available for tourists.